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Summer Season 2015

Summer Season 2015

Kick-Starter Sale !!

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  • Daytona Series

    Daytona Series Its an honor to know a legend. Meet the boat that has profoundly changed the high performance boat market.
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  • Eagle Series

    Eagle Series It's never too soon to get started in the right direction. Eliminator makes it easy! The Eagle XP is in a class all its own.

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  • Fun Deck Series

    Fun Deck Series Its the ultimate party platform. Ergonomically correct. Oh so spacious. More Details
  • Speedster Series

    Speedster Series Boating Aerodynamics Excellence. More Details
  • Custom Shop

    Custom Shop You've come to the right place.

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  • sv29

    sv29 West Coast Edition

    More Details
  • Pre-Owned

    Pre-Owned More Details
  • LQQk What's New

    LQQk What's New Coming Soon !!!

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  • Owner's Corner

    Owner's Corner Sharing Their Love for Their Eliminators More Details
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